Installation STE3N2 MBE System in Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute

Completed technological works in the commissioning the STE3N2 Molecular-Beam Epitaxy System, designed for the Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute of Russian Academy of Science.

Two-chamber MBE system is designed for III nitrides growth using a ammonia source of active nitrogen and equipped with a unique cruise pumping system. Within the technology works, more than 30 processes for was grown epitaxial multilayer heterostructures AlN / AlGaN / GaN was grown. Electrical parameters obtained on test structures show a world-class results:

  • for DHEMT-structure: the mobility of 1400 ¸ 1530 cm 2 / V×s at layer concentration n = 1.5 ¸ 1.15 × 1013 cm -2 ;
  • for "bulk" silicon-doped GaN layer thickness of 1.5 mm: the mobility of 383 cm 2 / V×s at a concentration of n = 6,8 × 1017 cm -3