STE3N Series MBE Systems for III-Nitrides growth

MBE systems of STE3N* series are specially designed with consideration to specific A3N materials growth and ensure extremely wide range of available growth parameters (effective flux nitrogen, max substrate temperature, process vacuum level). STE3N* successfully resolved the problem of providing extremely high temperatures on the substrate (>1200°C) as well as reliable work of heating stage during a long growth cycle. It allows to grow high-quality, thick AlN/AlGaN buffer layers using ammonia as active nitrogen source. This technology results in growth of active layers with extremely low dislocation density, record for MBE.

STE3N* series is represented in two-(STE3N2) and three-chamber (STE3N3) versions, the last one is equipped with buffer preparation chamber. Besides the NH3 injector STE3N* Systems are optionally equipped with nitrogen plasma source, which can be used in combination with ammonia for growing active layers of InGaN, InAlN and AlGaN:Mg. 

Due to the patented design of the substrate holder and the heating stage of growth manipulator STE3N* provides very high heating uniformity of all types substrates used now for III-Nitrides growth (sapphire, SiC, Si, AlN). Maximum wafer diameter 100 mm allows to use STE3N* for fundamental and applied R&D as well as for pilot production of high quality epi-wafers based on III-Nitrides.

• special advanced design and well approved growth reactor providing long-term and reliable operation of key System components under NH3 environment as well as extreme substrate temperatures
• extra-large LN2 cryopanels for effective ammonia pumping providing continuous growth under high NH3 load
• patented Al source of special design with extended lifecycle, providing growth rate of AlN more than 2 μm/hour without NH3-assisted material creeping & necessity of water cooling
• patented substrates holder design, providing high temperature uniformity across the wafer
• high-temperature growth manipulator, providing continuous growth of high-quality AlN layers at the growth temperature up to 1200°С
• all necessary tools for in-situ monitoring of growth process in basic configuration of the System
• compact «footprint» for two-chamber system STE3N2 version
• intensive technological support during installation including basic technologies transfer
• simple System operation and regular technical maintenance
• ability to grow AlGaN epi-layers comparable in quality with MOCVD ones grown on mismatched substrates

• additional effusion cells (crucibles 5, 15, 25, 35, 60 cm3)
• power supply units for additional effusion cells
• RF-plasma nitrogen source with gas supply line for ultra-pure nitrogen Bayard-Alpert type Beam Flux Monitor
• hydrogen atom source for additional substrate cleaning in the preparation chamber together with the turbomolecular pump
• Ti-sublimation pump with power supply unit
• additional set of substrate holders including adapters for non-standard size of samples
• starting set of materials for System operation (Ga, Al, In, NH3, Si, Mg, sapphire wafers with Ti-metallization and etc.)
• liquid nitrogen supply system
• additional kit of spares and accessories

Ultimate vacuum level in the growth chamber

after the System bakeout

<5·10-11 Torr (with Ti-sublimation pump

and LN2 in cryopanel)

Type of substrate heating element


Pressure in growth chamber:

- at substrate temperature 900°С

and ammonia flow 400 sccm

- at substrate temperature 1200°С

and ammonia flow 60 sccm

- at substrate temperature 500°С

and ammonia flow 1000 sccm



<5·10-5 Torr

<1·10-5 Torr

<1·10-5 Torr

Maximum wafer diameter

100 mm

Maximum wafer surface temperature

no less than 1200°С (Ti back coating of the

wafer) at max wafer rot. speed 1 rev/sec

Growth geometry

flexible, possibility of changing

source-to-substrate distance in the range

220-130 mm to optimize uniformity using

different types of cells and wafer OD

Temperature of substrate annealing

in preporation chamber

up to 1100°C

Max ammonia working flux

no less than 400 sccm

Bakeout temperature of the growth chamber

no less than 200°С, no hot spot formation

Integrated analytics

RHEED, Bayard-Alpert Beam Flux Monitor,

quadrupole mass spectrometer,

interferometer, pyrometer

Automation of technological process

manual control by the operator through

the control interface or carrying out the

process by recipes