STE75 Versatile compact MBE system for III-V, II-VI and III-N compounds growth

Versatile compact three-chamber STE75 MBE system is designed for growth of А3В5, wide band А2Вand А3N compounds (in special version). System design considers the latest MBE achievements in these materials systems.

STE75 is intended as compact, versatile and power tool for wide range of R&D in the field of modern semiconductor applications based on А3В52В6 and III-Nitrides.

• vertical growth geometry of the growth chamber
• 10 water-cooled 63CF ports for effusion cells with shutters, 3 pcs. 40CF and 1 pcs. 63CF without shutters – 14 ports total
• easy access to effusion cell shutter assembly
• compact single LN2 cryopanel, effectively surrounding the growth volume
• growth manipulator outgassing stage based on PBN/PG/PBN heating element
• standard set of molecular sources, including 5 effusion cells, valved cracker for group V (VI) or Nplasma cell
• pumping subsystem flexible to material application
• all necessary tools for in-situ monitoring of growth process data: RHEED, IR Pyrometer, Bayard-Alpert Beam Flux Monitor, Laser Interferometer (option)
• preparation chamber with storage cassette for wafer holders (6 pcs.) and degassing stage with an independent pumping system based on ion pump: special port for atomic Hydrogen port
• load lock chamber with storage cassette for substrate holders (3 pcs.), quick access door and pumping system based on turbomolecular pump
• set of substrate holders
• appropriate UHV gauges
• bakeout system (up to 200°C), without hot spot formation
• control electronics
• process control system

• simple integration into the UHV cluster tool
• all necessary instruments for in-situ monitoring of growth parameters are included in basic system configuration
• high substrate heating & cooling rates due to features of growth manipulator heating stage, low temperature difference between control thermocouple and real surface temperature
• compact “footprint”
• extremely low LN2 consumption (less than 10-15 l/h!)
• effective technological support during installation including basic process transfer
• simple system operation and regular technical maintenance

Ultimate vacuum in growth chamber after bakeout, Torr


Max. substrate diameter, mm

76,2 (3”)

Thickness and composition non-uniformity for 3” substrate, %


Design of growth manipulator heating element


Maximum substrate temperature with rotation, °С:

– for A3B5/A2B6 compounds, not less

– for A3N compounds, not less





Preparation chamber heating stage max temperature for substrate degassing, °С

650 (1100 in version for III-Nitrides)

Bakeout temperature of growth chamber, not less, °С