Automated Systems for plasma chemical deposition of dielectrics (SiNx, SiO2, etc.) in inductive coupled plasma

New generation of STE ICP series is intended in two basic modifications: STE ICP200E (PlasmaChemical Etching) and STE ICP200D (PECVD). Maximum diameter of wafers is up to 200 mm with possibility of using free shape samples, which allows to use these systems for both intensive R&D and for small-scale production. The platform has gained technological seamless aluminum process chamber and a new load lock chamber, specially configured for installation through the clean room wall. Upgraded smaller reactor volume with thought out gas supply system allows to reduce the pumping time, which is optimal to the etching recipe with fast change of process gases. Routine maintenance in reactor became much more easier due to easy access to allinternal components. Special table design provides efficient helium cooling for long etching processesand precision heating with thermal stabilization for PECVD. System’s software with flexible programming process allows to realize Low Damage Dielectric Deposition and Etching. Etching /deposition process control is carried out by using laser interferometer with the automatic possibility to stop theprocess by end point. Optical plasma control system is provided as an option. 

Ultimate remaining pressure in the deposition reactor, Torr


Load Lock


Water cooling of reactor walls


Quantity of simultaneously processed wafers:

diameter 2’’
diameter 3’’
diameter 100 mm
diameter 150 mm
diameter 200 mm
free shape



Samples heating during the process, °С


Max Low Frequency generator power (0,1-2 MHz), W


ICP max generator power (13.56 MHz), W

1200 (B)

2500 (О)

Deposition uniformity on 100mm, % from the center


Quantity of gas lines in corrosion-resistant version, pcs.




Vacuum system
Transfer of wafers to electrode


Flat ICP source with automatic matching unit is used for plasma generation. Wafers are placed on heated table, where either RF bias (13,56 MHz) or LF potential can be supplied, which fixed frequency can be chosen (at the stage of the order) from the range of 100÷2000 kHz. Use of low­frequency potential on heating table in ICP generation mode ensures possibility to adjust tension of dielectric films during deposition process.