STE EB71 e-Beam Evaporation System for Various Applications

Automated station for E-Beam evaporation of high-quality thin-film compositions in UHV

The System was designed in accordance with “lab to fab” approach and is intended for both intensive R&D activities and pilot production. The system design enables to integrate it into multipurpose UHV cluster process line.

Maximum quantity of wafers in one process is: 3х3” or 6х2”. Wafers are installed on a spherical-profile holder, considering specific features of “lift-off” process.

• process chamber made of stainless steel with ConFlat sealing, integrated wall water cooling and dry pumping system based on powerful ion pump 500 l/sec
• water-cooled screen for evaporated materials utilization
• system design was well proved in a semiconductor devices production of microwave electronics
• thickness uniformity less than ±2% on the substrate holder diameter up to 180 mm with a specially developed «mask» technology
• ability to optimize material consumption by changing substrate-evaporator distance, in particular, the consumption of gold is 3-4 g/μm with rate 5 Å/sec and working distance 250 mm

• contact resistance for HEMTs based on GaAs/InGaAs/AlGaAs and GaN/AlGaN is 0.1÷0.25 and 0.3–0.5 Om·mm, respectively (after annealingin STE RTA100 System)
• transparent contact to p-GaN is developedbased on ITO thin films
• Al deposition rate not less than 60 Å/sec
• W deposition rate not less than 1 Å/sec

Ultimate residual pressure in deposition chamber, Torr


Evaporation chamber readiness time (vacuum) for the process,

after sample loading, max, min


Preparation means:

Ion source, with ion energy 20-300 еV

Wafers heater in preparation/loading chamber, °С


200 (О)

Heating of wafers during the process

500 (B), 900 (O)

Deposition chamber heating temperature, °С


Wafers temperature monitoring during evaporation process


Water cooling of walls in deposition chamber


Quantity of simultaneously processed wafers:



∅100 mm

∅150 mm

Free shape sample






Cathode block power of electron-beam evaporator, kW


Accelerating voltage, kV


Maximal volume and number of evaporator cells

6x7 cm3 или 4x15 cm3

Screen system for collection of metals


Visual monitoring of target melting in crucible


Rotation of wafer holders during the process


Distance evaporator-to-wafer, mm


Quartz thickness gauge


Measuring accuracy of evaporated coating thickness, nm


Quadrupole mass-spectrometer


Control of pumping/vent system


Automatic control of electronic-beam evaporator