STE MS150 Versatile HV system for magnetron sputtering of metal and dielectric thin films

Due to flexible configuration and special wafer heater design STE MS150 allows to sputter metal films, magnetic materials and multicomponent oxides at temperatures up to 900°C on substrates up to ∅150 mm. Substrate size may be increased up to ∅200 mm (option).

• up to 3 magnetron sources with ∅76,2 mm targets
• process gases: Ar, H2, O2, N2
• magnetron sources are located on flexible bracket and can be focused into a single point (confocal geometry) to provide co-deposition mode
• main shutter or individual shutters for each magnetron source (option)
• possible installation of e-Beam source and/or thermo-resistive evaporator as well as ion source for substrate cleaning (options)

• multi-functional vacuum deposition system which may be equipped by various PVD sources along with high temperature wafer heating
• deposition of multicomponent film from 2-3 magnetrons
• sputtering of the same target material from 2-3 magnetron sources simultaneously to provide maximum uniformity on ∅100-150 mm substrates
• possible upgrade for up to 7 magnetron sources for one-by-one deposition of materials with carousel type wafer mount

Ultimate pressure in the process reactor, not less then, Torr


(<1×10-8 in UHV version)

Time to achieve the preprocess vacuum

(<5×10-6 Torr) at TMP 550 l/sand dry scroll pump 35 m3/h, not more (min)



Speed range of wafer rotation during the deposition process, rpm


Wafer heating temperature, up to, °С


The pumping system performance:

– turbomolecular pump, not less, l/s

– dry scroll pump, not less, m3/h