STE MS150 Versatile Magnetron Sputtering System

Versatile System for the deposition processes in vacuum using magnetron sputtering technique. STE MS150 System is designed in accordance with all modern principles of magnetron PVD processing. This System was intended in flexible design for a wide range of magnetron related PVD applications in R&D and allows to sputter magnetic materials and multicomponent
oxides on the substrate heated up to 900°C using magnetron targets as a materials’ sources. Maximum wafer size is 150 mm.
The System design allows its installation through the clean room wall, and the control interface and load-lock chamber are located in the clean room.

• up to 3 magnetron evaporator targets ∅76.2 mm
• possibility to use the following process gases: Ar, H2, O2, N2
• magnetron sources are located on a flexible brackets and can be focused to a single wafer point (confocal geometry) for co-deposition mode
• all sources have individual shutters
• ability to install thermal resistance evaporators, ion beam source for cleaning (options)

• using as a multi-functional system for vacuum deposition with different sources for R&D applications
• magnetron sputtering of multicomponent materials from 2-3 magnetrons simultaneously
• ability to reconfigure the System for using up to 7 magnetrons for sequential materials evaporation
• using 2 or 3 magnetrons with the same targets for achieving the best uniformity for ∅100 mm and ∅150 mm wafers

Ultimate Pressure in process reactor, Torr

5x10-7 torr

(<1х10-8 Torr in UHV design) 

Time achieving vacuum 5x10 -6 torr using TMP of  550 l / s and a scroll pump 35 m3 , less than

30 min

Wafer heating, °С 

up to 900

The pumping system performance: ­
turbomolecular pump, l/s ­
dry scroll pump, m3/h


Diameter of treated wafer


Max. loading in one process

Ø150 mm

Alternating  bias on the wafer

1 MHz