STE MS900 Versatile Magnetron and Resistance Sputtering System for Batch Wafer Processing

New versatile System for magnetron and thermo resistance sputtering for batch wafer processing

STE MS900 System allows to sputter multicomponent layers (metals, resistant layers, ITO layers etc.) on wafer heated up to 700°C. System is designed for both active R&D and small-scale production.

Maximum number of sputtering wafers in same process is 5х∅150mm. Targets with diameter of 8’’ ensure uniformity of ±2% for ∅100mm.

Magnetic mount makes targets replacement very easy. Optimized high vacuum stainless steel reactor, consisting of stationary source unit and lifting top cover. Updated ergonomic design of reactor is equipped with lifting mechanism for convenient routine maintenance with evaporator unit.

• water-cooled HV stainless steel reactor with lifting top flange
• 5 ports for material sources with targets up to ∅8’’ (∅200mm) and 1 port for ion source
• carousel type substrate holder with the possibility of varying the samples sizes
• 2 magnetron sources with target diameter up to ∅200mm and individual valves, 2 power sources (DC and RF) with automatic reconnection between the magnetrons in basic configuration and ability of setting optional magnetrons for Customers’ inquiry
• ion source (ions energy 20÷300 eV) for substrate cleaning prior the deposition with the protective screens system
• 3 gas lines with automatic gas flow controllers including a corrosion-proof performance bypass line
• process gases: Ar, H2, O2, N2
• ability to install the witness-sample for resistance measuring
• substrate positioning relative to the specified sputtering source
• up to 5 quartz thickness monitors (with a quartz resonator for each magnetron sputtering sources position) located in the line of sight of each source
• alternating bias to the sample is available
• automated process control system with automatic lock installation on the energy resources (air, water, puregases) settings and the target system parameters
• operating modes: automatic, semi-automatic, manual

• using as multifunctional System for vacuum deposition with different sources for R&D and small-scale production
• optimized System ergonomics allows convenient operation and maintenance
• sputtering geometry (from bottom to up) allows to minimize the defects density on the sample surface
• automated process control:
– thickness gauges indications, sample resistance measuring, etc.
– with automatic lock setting based on the energy resources (air, water, pure gases)

Ultimate Pressure in process reactor, not less then, Torr


Time to achieve the process vacuum, no more then, min


Quantity of simultaneously processed wafers:





Carousel speed ​​range during the deposition process, rps/min


Wafer heating, max,°С


Alternating bias on the sample, MHz


The pumping system performance:

- Turbomolecular pump, not less, l/s

- Dry scroll pump, not less, m3/h