STE RTA100 Rapid Thermal Annealing System

System for rapid thermal annealing process of semiconductor wafers in inert atmosphere

System is intended for R&D activities and pilot production. Maximum diameter of wafers is 100mm. Wafer is loaded to chamber manually through side quick access door and placed on heat-compensating table made of pyrolytic graphite. There is heater based on system of linear halogen lamps under table. This design ensures uniform wafer heating, having
heterogeneous absorption of infrared emission along its surface (for example, wafer with formed topology).

System allows carrying out relatively short-time processes with the temperature up to 900°С and maximum heating rate up to 40°С/sec. Annealing time at maximum temperature is up to 10 minutes. The chamber is made of stainless steel and has water cooled walls. Quartz viewport is provided for monitoring the sample during loading and annealing (also can be used for installation of IR pyrometer).

• continuous purging by inert gas wafer annealing
• automatic maintaining of preset pressure level inside the chamber during the process

• control of heating rate by thyristor regulation system
• automated pumping and gas purging of the chamber, allowing to carry out the process by «one button push»
• multi-stage annealing process by built-in PID controller
• monitoring of the heating table temperature by two control thermocouples
• optical pyrometer for additional control of wafer surface temperature (option), possibility of X-Y temperature scanning along wafer surface through the quartz window
• preliminary pumping of process chamber by membrane or optional scroll pump
• high run-to run reproducibility
• easy operation and maintenance

Ultimate pressure, Torr


Pumping speed, m3/hour


Water cooling of reactor walls


Max. diameter of wafer, mm


Max. heating rate, °С/sec


Max. heating temperature, °С


Heating uniformity for 100 mm wafer, %


Annealing in vacuum


Annealing in oxygen


Quantity of thermocouples, pcs.


Optical pyrometer


Full automation of annealing process