STE RTP150 Rapid thermal processing system for high-temperature processes

System for high-temperature treatment of semiconductor wafers in controlled gas, vacuum, oxidizingor deoxidizing atmosphere

Special design of aluminum chamber allows carrying out thermal annealing at extremely high temperatures (up to 1300°С) in combination with long annealing time (up to 60 min). This
System can be used both for R&D activities and for pilot production. Maximum diameter of processed wafer is 150 mm.

One of STE RTP150 specific features is separation of heater and reactor heating wafer. Heater consists of halogen lamps located outside the reactor and heats graphite table through the quartz window in the process chamber. Such heater allows carrying out processes with maximum temperature up to 1300°С and heating rate up to 150°С/sec. Water-cooled aluminum chamber allows carrying out long-term annealing. Reactor can be preliminary pumped following by process gas venting.

• thermal annealing in vacuum
• thermal annealing in controlled gas atmosphere with continuous purging of the chamber by inert gas
• thermal annealing in controlled gas atmosphere with automatic pressure keeping

• aluminum process chamber with water cooling
• halogen lamp heating unit with air cooling
• preliminary pumping of the process chamber by membrane or optional scroll pump
• automation of pumping and gas purging, allowing carrying out process by «one button push»
• multi-stage process by built-in PID controller
• optical pyrometer for additional temperature control (optional), optical access to the center and the edge of 150 mm wafer
• working table temperature control by two thermocouples
• easy operation and maintenance

Ultimate pressure in the process chamber, Torr


<5×10-3 (Оption)

Pumping speed, m3/h


Water cooling of reactor walls


Max. wafer diameter, mm


Max. heating rate without graphite holder, °С/s


Max. heating rate with graphite holder, °С/s


Max. heating temperature, °С


Heating uniformity for 100 mm wafer, %

±1 (up to 500°С)

±2 (up to 1300°С)

Annealing in vacuum


Annealing in oxygen


Quantity of thermocouples, pcs.


Optical pyrometer


Full automation of annealing process