STE EB71: E-beam evaporation results

is an automated station for E-Beam evaporation of high-quality thin-film compositions in UHV. Application Lab specialists revealed the benefits and process parameters within the testing equipment.

  • Thickness uniformity less than ±2% on the substrate holder diameter up to 180 mm with a specially developed «mask» technology
  • Ability to optimize material consumption by changing substrate-evaporator distance, in particular, the consumption of gold is 3-4 g/μm with rate 5 Å/sec and working distance 250 mm 
  • Contact resistance HEMTs based on GaAs/InGaAs/AlGaAs and GaN/AlGaN is 0.1÷0.25 and 0.3-0.5 Om·mm, respectively (after annealing in STE RTA100 System)
  • Transparent contact to p-GaN is developed based on ITO thin films
  • Al deposition rate not less than 60 Å/sec
  • W deposition rate not less than 1 Å/sec

Thickness distribution from the center of the holder ∅180 mm (3x3’’ wafers) for Ti layer, obtained at STE EB71 (rotation, “mask” technology).