Semiteq released new generation of PVD & PECVD Systems

SemiTEq JSC presented new generation of PVD & PECVD Systems for wide range of applications in R&D in February 2014. 

Systems are based on the versatile technological platform STE ICP for ICP plasma etching (STE ICP200E) and PECVD (STE ICP200D). Systems intended for intensive R&D as well as small-scale production for up to 8” wafers. The platform has aluminum process chamber and a new design of load lock chamber, specially configured for installation through the clean room wall. Working table design provides efficient helium cooling for long etching processes and precision heating with thermal stabilization for PECVD. System's software allows flexible programming of the etching or deposition process. 

Annual new equipment releases represent an active policy of SemiTEq JSC in own R&D.