STE ICP200D Plasma chemical deposition system in inductively coupled plasma

STE ICP200D system based on STE ICP200 platform and intended for both intensive R&D and serial production.

Platform implements all modern features of controlled plasma chemical deposition of dielectric (SiNx, SiO2 и т.д.) in inductively coupled plasma.

Modernized smaller volume reactor with optimized gas distribution system significantly improves wafer processing uniformity and reproducibility, as well as reduces pre-pumping time.

Easy access to all system components facilitates routine maintenance.

  • 7×Ø2”
  • 4×Ø3”
  • 1×Ø100mm
  • 1×Ø150mm
  • 1×Ø200mm


  • Ultimate pressure <510-6Torr
  • Flat ICP source
  • Supply of RF or LF bias voltage
  • RF or LF generator power up to 1000W (2000W*)
  • ICP generator (13,56MHz) power up to 1000W (3000W*)
  • Table heating up to 450°C
  • Reactor walls heating



  • 6 (12*) gas lines in corrosion-resistant version, including some with bypass
  • Shut-off vacuum gate valve



  • Pumping system depends on a platform application (turbomolecular pump, scroll forepump)



  • Process automation with intermittent alternating gas supply
  • Automatic reactor cleaning
  • Programming and storage of technological recipes 



  • Etching/deposition uniformity ±2% for wafer Ø4’’
  • Optimized gas supply system
  • Carrying out the technological process by recipe
  • Installation "Though the wall"
  • Automatic wafer loading
  • Cassette wafer loading capability*


* optional