STE3N Advanced platform for A3N semiconductor compounds growth

Advanced STE3N platform is specially designed with consideration to specific A3N materials growth on substrates up to Ø150mm.

STE3N systems are intended for R&D as well as pilot production and ensure extremely wide range of available growth parameters (effective flux nitrogen, max substrate temperature, process vacuum level, etc.).

Patented design of key components provides extremely high temperatures on the substrate (>1200°C) as well as reliable work of heating 
stage during a long growth cycle. It allows growing high-quality thick AlN/AlGaN buffer layers using ammonia as an active nitrogen source.

STE3N systems are optionally equipped with nitrogen plasma source, which can be used in combination with ammonia injector for growing active layers of InGaN, InAlN and AlGaN:Mg.

STE3N provides growth of active layers with extremely low dislocation density, record for MBE.



  • 1×Ø100mm
  • 1×Ø150mm







  • Ultimate pressure <5∙10-11Torr
  • 7, 8 or 10 ports for sources with shutters
  • LN2 consumption less than 25-35 l/h*



  • NH3 gas injector with heating capability
  • N2 plasma source
  • Single filament effusion cells
  • Special "creeping-free" design effusion cells for Al, Ga, In
  • Doping cells for Si, Mg



  • Manual/semi-automatic loading
  • Quick access door with inspection viewport
  • Storage cassette for substrate holders for up to 8 positions
  • Inert atmosphere glove box hermetically connected to quick access door




  • PBN/PG/PBN heater providing high temperature uniformity and heating/cooling rate dynamics
  • Substrate heating up to 1200°C
  • Adjustable source-to-substrate distance
  • Substrate holder rotation speed up to 1rps




  • Storage cassette for substrate holders for up to 7 positions
  • PBN/PG/PBN heater providing high temperature uniformity and heating/cooling rate dynamics
  • Substrate heating up to 1100°C
  • Water-cooling system




  • Single LN2 cryopanel
  • Pumping system configuration depends on STE3N system application (cryogenic, sublimation, ion, corrosive-resistant turbomolecular pumps, scroll forepump)
  • Bayard-Alpert vacuum gauge
  • Pirani vacuum gauge




  • Residual gas analyzer
  • IR pyrometer
  • Laser interferometer
  • Bayard-Alpert Beam Flux Monitor



  • Special software
  • In-situ process control system
  • Growth manipulator remote control
  • Graphic visualization of all control and monitoring parameters


* when using phase separator, depending on quantity of operating effusion cells, substrate temperature, as well as the operating mode, etc.


  • 7/8/10 ports for sources
  • Two- or three- chamber configuration
  • Adjustable source-to-substrate distance
  • NH3-MBE and PA-MBE operating modes
  • GaN epi-layers comparable in quality with MOCVD ones grown on mismatched substrates
  • Patented Al source design with extended lifecycle
  • Patented designs of the substrate holder and heating node of the growth manipulator provides high heating uniformity of any types of substrates