STE EB65 e-Beam evaporation system for batch wafer processing

STE EB65 system is intended for obtaining of metals, dielectrics and semiconductor materials thin films in high vacuum with batch wafer loading up to 3×Ø200mm in one process.

STE EB65 System special feature is the evaporation chamber, which is separated by a vacuum gate valve for quick evacuation of the main volume and start of the process after wafer loading.

E-Beam evaporator remains under HV conditions and ready for the next run

  • 42×Ø2”
  • 20×Ø3”
  • 12×Ø100mm
  • 5×Ø150mm
  • 3×Ø200mm


  • Sealed separation of chamber volumes by vacuum gate for quick process start after wafers loading
  • E-Beam evaporator of carousel type
  • Up to 4×30сm3/6×15сm3 pocket volume of evaporated materials
  • Dome-shaped rotative wafer holder 
  • Water-cooled quartz crystal thickness monitor
  • Ion beam source
  • Wafer heating


  • Cryogenic pump
  • Scroll forepump


  • Process automatization
  • Programming and storage of technological recipes

  • Sealed separation of evaporation chamber volumes
  • improved thickness uniformity due to the special "mask" technology