STE MS900 Magnetron sputtering system for batch wafer processing

Magnetron sputtering and resistive thermal evaporation systems STE MS900 are intended for R&D as well as pilot production and ensure to obtain extremely wide range of multilayer coatings (metals, dielectrics, resistive alloys, ITO films, etc.)

Optimized STE MS900 HV evaporation chamber includes a fixed source block and a lifting top cover.

Ergonomic design is equipped with a lifting mechanism for convenient maintenance of evaporators and system of screens for collecting sputtered materials.

  • 5×Ø200mm
  • 6×Ø150mm
  • 30 pcs – 60×48mm
  • 5×Ø150mm with wafer holder overturn
  • 24 pcs – 60×48mm with wafer holder overturn


  • 5 magnetron sources with targets of up to Ø150mm or 4 magnetron sources with targets of up to Ø200mm
  • Witness-sample*
  • Flat carousel wafer holder
  • Wafer holder rotation up to 20rpm
  • Wafer heating
  • Ion beam source*
  • Resistive thermal evaporator*
  • Water-cooled quartz crystal thickness monitor


  • Wafer holders cassette for up to 5×Ø200mm or 6×Ø150mm positions
  • Wafer manipulator
  • Individual pumping system



  • Turbomolecular pump
  • Scroll forepump


  • Process automatization
  • Programming and storage of technological recipes

* optional

  • Double-side sputtering due to 180° wafer holder overturn
  • Installation "through the wall" in configuration with lod-lock chamber*

* optional