Application Lab

As part of equipment delivery available elaboration processes on the base of Application Lab. It’s a complex technology platform that enables implementation of a wide class of problems in the development of advanced semiconductor devices in the field of micro-, opto-and nanoelectronics.

Equipment of Application Lab:

  • MBE System for III-Nitride growth STE3N2
  • Electron-beam deposition systems (PVD) STE EB71, STE EB65G
  • Plasma-chemical etching system (PE) STE ICPe68L
  • PECVD system STE ICPd81L
  • Rapid thermal annealing system STE RTA100, STE RTP150
  • Magnetron sputtering system STE MS105
  • Arsenide MBE system STE75
  • Area of photolithography (manufacture of metal and photoresistive masks)
  • Complex control and measuring equipment


Molecular-Beam Epitaxy

MBE is one of the first revolutionary technologies which allows to control the structure of material at the nanoscale. It provides a unique opportunity to create semiconductor nanoheterostructures on a wide range of materials to control the thickness of the grown layers at the atomic level.

The final product: nanoheterostructures based on A3B5, A2B6 , A3N for the manufacture of electronic components and devices of nano-, micro-and optoelectronics.

SemiTEq JSC produces MBE Systems of the following types:

  • Specialized systems for wide band compounds growth based on III Nitrides
  • Systems for growth of traditional systems of materials А3В5, А2В6  or their combinations

Wafer processing

Methods for group processing of semiconductor chips on a wafer, the substrate, the heterostructure.

  • Processes of plasma-chemical etching in a combined capacitive and inductive plasma discharge
  • Processes of plasma-chemical deposition of dielectric (SiNx, SiO 2 , etc.) in the plasma inductive discharge
  • Electron-beam and magnetron sputtering of high-quality thin-film compositions in ultra high vacuum
  • Rapid thermal annealing of semiconductor wafers in an inert atmosphere

The final product: Key processes for precision deposition and etching of metal and dielectric thin films to create a barrier, insulating layers, and other semiconductor devices, as well as for other applications (deposition, etching, sputtering).